Datasets / Transport Timetables / 2013

On this page you can see the state of open data for Transport Timetables in all the places for which we have information.

Dataset Description

Timetables (schedules) of all municipally run or commissioned transit services (buses, subway, rail tram etc). Locations of stops would also be good (as geodata) but is not required to answer this question affirmatively.

Place Score Breakdown Year Location (URL) Information
Aracaju - Closed
Belo Horizonte - Closed
Belém - Closed
Boa Vista - Closed
Brasília - Closed
Campo Grande - Closed
Cuiabá - Closed
Curitiba - Closed
Florianópolis - Closed
Fortaleza - Closed
Goiânia - Closed
João Pessoa - Closed
Macapá - Closed
Maceió - Closed
Manaus - Closed
Natal - Closed
Palmas - Closed
Porto Alegre - Closed
Porto Velho - Closed
Recife - Closed
Rio Branco - Closed
Rio de Janeiro - Closed
Salvador - Closed
São Luís - Closed
São Paulo - Closed
Teresina - Closed
Vitória - Closed
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data